The Centre for Spiritual Renewal at St. Thomas

For those who seek to be transformed by the inner working of God through study, personal prayer, and spiritual practice, The Centre for Spiritual Renewal at St. Thomas is our place for doing this.

The Centre at St. Thomas provides a wide variety of spiritual support and practices to help us on our Christian journey. Retreats, conferences, study groups, practitioner groups, prayer groups, spiritual direction, and more are offered here.

Spiritual Direction

Companionship for your spiritual journey

Spiritual direction or spiritual companionship is an ongoing relationship in which a person desirous of being attentive to their spiritual journey regularly meets with a spiritual director/friend (usually once a month) for the purpose of becoming more attuned to the presence of God’s spirit in all of life. It is a listening time to explore what matters to us, our joys, struggles, hurts, hopes, fears, and dreams. It is a time to consider our relationship with God, ourselves, and others.

You can find additional information about spirtual companionship here.

Our director, Rev. Lorie Martin, and team can help connect you to resources that will help you grow in grace. For more information, contact