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We live in uncertain times, where simple joy is not always easy to come by.

Yet, by the Grace of God and the gift of the sacrament of Holy Baptism, the people of St Thomas were blessed on November 7th!

In the tradition of All Saints Day, we lovingly remembered the many friends who left us this past year. Then many spirits were lifted with the Baptism of Baby Emmett, complete with watery squeals, laughter, and high fives! Little Emmett definitely stole a few hearts as he was marked as one of Christ's own, and welcomed into God's household.

Along with the affirmation of new life through Emmett, we joined with Jennifer MacGregor, our resident musician, in her reaffirmation of The Baptismal Covenant. The celebration of the Holy Eucharist followed.

To both Emmett and Jennifer, we wish you God's love and light!

Artwork: Death and Life by Gustav Klimt (1916) - Public Domain

You can stream this special Holy Eucharist service here: