Luke 18:9-14
Isn't It Ironic?

This week two for the price of one!  Rev. Lorie's sermon is available via the live stream; this is my sermon from St. Matthew preached the same morning on the same text.  It highlights one of the strengths of Anglicanism, the diversity of preaching!  

In his "take" on Jesus' story about the self-righteous pharisee and the sorrowful tax-collector, Fr. Allen asserts that Jesus' use of irony is front and central.  Irony is a difficult concept so Fr. Allen uses Alanis Morissette's song "Ironic" to illustrate.  But Jesus isn't just using irony as a teaching tool he's using it because our very "situation-in-the-world" vis a vis God and righteous living turns on an ironic understanding of what it means to be "justified."