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Coffee & Conversation: An Evening with Rev. David Taylor

An evening of insight, affirmation, and love!

Coffee and Conversation is a series that began last fall with an enlightening evening with Stacey Chomiak (author of Still Stace, My Gay Christian Coming-of-age Story).

On Tuesday April 16, we once again invited a Special Guest, Rev. David Taylor to help us keep this important conversation going. [See the video at the end of this article.]

David’s unique story-telling style uses song, personal reflections, and humour. The hymns and songs that formed the soundtrack of his early Christian life evoked many emotional memories for those present.

Despite periods of pain and uncertainty David’s lifelong love of God never deserted him, though his faith was tested as he became aware that he was “different.” As a gay Christian youth, raised in a denomination that was far from affirming, he felt unloved by Jesus, and was desperate to not be queer.

If it had not been for the Lord on my side, where would I be?

Walking through those dark years, attending college, seeking to change himself, fearing ‘God’s Wrath,’ help finally came in the form of Love.

My love is stronger than your fear.

Confronting his fears and phobias (including arachnophobia), facing down the harmful phobias of others, brought new insights, and the realization that God loved him exactly as he was: “If God knows a tiny spider exists, then he knows I exist.”

Inspired by a transfiguring dream, he wrote the song, O Mary. The painful process of deconstructing God and Jesus, like a death and resurrection, is expressed in this beautiful song.

Jesus in his Love and Wisdom welcomes sinners, befriends people who are on the outside, and shows compassion and empathy for those who feel unloved. He rejoices in the existence of LGBTQIA2S+ people, along with the many diverse children of God.

Like David, we allowed ourselves to breathe in the Love of God, to shed our own lingering phobias. We shared our individual feelings and impressions, growing closer in love and mutual understanding as this memorable evening ended.

Song list:

  • If it Had Not Been for The Lord  - CCLI 167076
  • Let God Arise - CCLI 226072
  • Might Warrior - CCLI 20326
  • I Surrender All
  • Draw Me Close to You - CCLI 1459484
  • Here Am I - CCLI 63259
  • Don’t Be Afraid - ONELICENSE 06322

David’s Hymns:

  • O Mary
  • We Are God’s Beloved Children

Our thanks and love to Rev. David Taylor for his openness and candour. Amen.

Submitted by Gail Lefèvre